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The University has developed master plans for the two major campuses of Indiana University — Bloomington and IUPUI.

The Master Plans are intended to guide the university, creating a framework for strategic development and decision making grounded in academic and research needs, the realities of campus environments, fiscal constraints and broad campus constituencies.

The Master Plan is a living guide; it adapts to the needs of the campus and its stakeholders, and to new or unforseen factors. Thus, current or future construction projects reflect the spirit of the plan, but may not necessarily match the plan, as approved in 2009, exactly.

IUPUI Master Plan

The Indiana University Board of Trustees approved an updated Master Plan in February, 2012.

IUPUI and Health Precinct Master Plan, February, 2012

DRAFT Master Plan presentation to IU Board of Trustees (PowerPoint), February, 2009

Renderings from the 2009 Presentation